1. What does "the Lord is my Shepherd mean to you? How does using the words "manager" or "owner" in the place of "shepherd" change the way you approach, feel about, or respond to that statement?

2. Why do you think there's a difference in how we view "shepherd" vs. "owner/manager"?

3. Why does the Lord have the right to ownership of your life? Have you given it? What are the areas where you still command charge?

1. What does "Ishall not want" mean to you?

2. What would it look like for you to be "utterly satisfied" with your owner? Does it require material possessions? Or a specific situation or circumstance?

3. What's the difference between being content with what you have vs. who you have?

4. The author talks about a troublesome, "fence-crawling" sheep. Do you ever find yourself following a sheep that's looking for loopholes? Are you the sheep that is leading others astray?

1. What does it mean to "lie down in green pastures"?

2. What is necessary for you to rest??

3. The author explains that sheep need to be free from fear, tension, aggravation and hunger in order to lie down and rest- what does that look like for humans? Christians? You personally? What is the antidote for these things?

4. How willing are you to allow God to "tend your field" and be the kind of Shepherd that makes you lie down in green pastures?