In recent months two hurricanes devastated our chickens & pigs project which provided food and a source of income for 60 families in El Bongo, NIC.  Help us provide hope and healing to these families by purchasing a chicken or making a donation.

  • Need:  600 chickens  (total cost $2,100)
  • Buy a chicken:  $3.50
  • Need:  To rebuild the structure that housed the chickens & pigs project
  • Cost:  $1,400


For 12 years Ebenezer church has stood as a beacon of physical & spiritual hope in El Bongo, but the recent hurricanes have left it without a roof and too dangerous to use.  Help provide the resources need to repair the roof and rebuild the restroom structure to the church can reopen.

  • Need:  $1,500 to repair the roof
  • Need:  $2,500 to rebuild the restroom structure