Date:  February 12-18, 2023

Location:  San Rafael del Sur & surrounding communities

Cost:  $1,750 - $1,900

Mission Partner:  Mission House International ||  Wilmer Aviles

Trip Focus:

Over the past two years Wil has started a school for kids living in extreme poverty.  The school provides a Christian education for children and teens that would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to school.  Currently the school has over 160 students and they are in desperate need of more space.  Education is a key component to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty, and is why we need to help meet this immediate need.

The focus of our trip is to build a new classroom that will enable more students to attend school, and will also provide much needed space for the church to do kid specific ministries.  In addition to the classroom, we will also be constructing pews or benches for the church.

The equivalent to our “summer break” in Nicaragua is Dec - Feb, which is why we need to do all we can to meet this need prior to March when the new school year begins.

Trip Details: