Date:  May 10-20, 2023

Location:  Beirut, Zahle, & surrounding communities

Cost:  $1,800 - $2,000

Mission Partner:   Randall Ray

Trip Focus:

In 2018 Randall Ray was sent by West Rome to serve in Lebanon full time.  Over the past few years Randall has been working in partnership with his local church and a ministry out of Australia to share the Gospel with and disciple the Syrian population of Muslim faith.  In addition they are striving to break the cycle of extreme poverty through education and life skills development.

The focus of our trip will be evangelism and discipleship.  We will learn from and invest in the men, women, and teens who are a part of ongoing discipleship, as well as spend time with families in Syrian camps for the purpose of engaging them in conversations around the Gospel. 

Another aspect of our trip will be an evangelistic adventure that follows the example and instruction of Matthew 10 when Jesus sent out the 12 apostles and Luke 10 when he sent out His 72 disciples to share that the Kingdom of God has come near.

Trip Details: