west rome missions

It is our passion to help people find and follow God's plan for their lives across the street and around the world.  Our philosophy is to empower high capacity local leaders through strategic partnerships.  Each of our partners share our passion for transforming communities through education, medical aide, care for the vulnerable, and church planting.


Date:  May 10-20, 2023

Location:  Beirut, Zahle, & surrounding communities

Cost:  $1,800 - $2,000

Mission Partner:   Randall Ray

Trip Focus:

In 2018 Randall Ray was sent by West Rome to serve in Lebanon full time.  Over the past few years Randall has been working in partnership with his local church and a ministry out of Australia to share the Gospel with and disciple the Syrian population of Muslim faith.  In addition they are striving to break the cycle of extreme poverty through education and life skills development.

The focus of our trip will be evangelism and discipleship.  We will learn from and invest in the men, women, and teens who are a part of ongoing discipleship, as well as spend time with families in Syrian camps for the purpose of engaging them in conversations around the Gospel. 

Another aspect of our trip will be an evangelistic adventure that follows the example and instruction of Matthew 10 when Jesus sent out the 12 apostles and Luke 10 when he sent out His 72 disciples to share that the Kingdom of God has come near.

Trip Details:


$250 deposit due at registration


Date:  July 17-23, 2023

Location:  Ichmul & surrounding communities

Cost:  $1,500 - $1,650

Mission Partner:  Mission House International

Trip Focus:

Over the past 7 years we have partnered with Mission House in their vision to end the cycle of extreme poverty, and plant churches in 21 Mayan communities surrounding the village of Ichmul in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula.  Sports, Community events, and humanitarian & medical aid have broken down barriers and helped us to build relationships that have resulted in five church plants.  Throughout the years, much of our focus has been on ministry to the children. Now, many of those children have become teenagers. 

The focus of our trip is to provide a ‘youth camp’ experience for the teenagers who are involved in the Mission House churches. The camp will provide some respite from the difficult struggles the teenagers face daily in an environment that focuses on God’s word, worship, and fellowship with others their age.

Trip Details:


$250 deposit due at registration

PERU 2023

Date:  October, 2023

Location:  Iquitos & surrounding communities

Cost:  $2,600 - $2,800

Mission Partner:  Help One Now

Trip Focus:

.Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven strategies to end extreme poverty.  These leaders are community development experts, pastors, team builders, and co-laborers on the journey to end poverty.  They collaboratively mobilize the local church, government agencies, and other entities to engage the communities needs with key initiatives that produce community resilience, health, and progress.

The focus of our trip is to invest in families participating in the Family Empowerment program through the sharing of ideas, encouragement, and dreaming toward the future.  In addition, we will visit a remote community and develop a strategic plan for how we can help Kairos school accomplish their vision to open a new school campus which will provide a Christian education for children who currently have no access to education.

Trip Details:


$250 deposit due at registration

Meet our mission partners


Help One Now strives to end extreme poverty, care for orphans, rescue slaves,

empower families, and see communities transformed through international partnerships.



Xhosa Gospel Mission is dedicated to the well-being of the Xhosa people in East London, South Africa through presenting

the Gospel and striving to help people meet basic needs of health, education, and training motivated by the love of God.



Mission House strives to be a one of a kind, God lead, Jesus inspired, Spirit driven, missions organization that partners with churches, organizations and local leaders to bring the good news of the Gospel to unreached people groups around the American Continent.



Our desire is to share life with the people of Vegas by developing the 5 Maxims of Spiritual Growth: Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Fellowship, and Sharing our Faith. After we reach these people by engaging them where they live, work, and play, we must disciple them in these Maxims so they can become a functioning, maturing, and reproducing member of the body of Christ.


For just $50 a month, members of the Circle ensure that students have access to high quality education, nutritious meals, spiritual development, and a safe environment for them to dream, grow, and pursue their passions.