Current Study

This year, we as a church are embarking on a 31-week journey called, "The Story." This is a walk through the "big picture" of the Bible, designed to give you, the reader, an eagle-eye view of the major movements in Scripture. 

As a member of a Life Group, you will receive one free copy of The Story for your family! Ask your Life Group Leader or HOST, and we will get you a copy. 

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  • Preschool will be using "The Story for Little Ones"
  • Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade will be using "The Story for Children"
  • 4th thru 6th Grade will be using "The Story for Kids"
  • 7th Grade and above will be using The Story Hardbacks linked above.

reader's Guide

CHAPTER 13  ::  Sun 12/02 - Sat 12/08

1.  What do you see in the heart of God by the way he responds to Solomon's request for wisdom?

2.  As you read through the proverbs on pages 179-183, write down two or three that have special significance to you.  Why did you choose those?

3.  What, to you, is the most important event in the building and dedication of the temple as you read through the various descriptions of what occurred?

4.  What do you take as your personal warning in the downfall of Solomon?

5.  After reading Chapter 13, what is one question you wish you could ask God about what you have read?

6.  Did yo have a new discovery from what you read this week?  If so, what was it?

7.  Is there something you need to do based on what you have learned?

Starting Monday, December 10, 2018 we are going to press pause on "The Story" 

for the Christmas & New Years Holidays. 

"The Story" will resume on Sunday, January 20, 2019 with Chapter 14.