It is my hope that this webpage serves as a tool for you in leading your Life Group. 

On this page you will find information on upcoming trainings, helpful links and videos, and resources for leading your group time. 

Whether you are using Explore the Bible or our Sermon Discussion Questions, there is space for you to gather resources and grow as a leader here. Over the coming years, it is my hope and passion to see West Rome Baptist Church grow to be one of the healthiest churches in the nation. When we focus on making disciples in the context of groups, we can do that!

-Andrew Hackler, Connections Pastor

Link Training with bob Mayfield

Below is the recorded session of our October 8th Training with Bob Mayfield. Enjoy!

Helpful Links for Leaders

Below are a few helpful links for leading your group.

  • Lifeway's Explore the Bible Blog

    Click the picture to go to LifeWay's Explore the Bible blog which offers helpful tips to teaching the content each week.

  • Becoming a Better Bible Study Communicator

    Rick Howerton offers some helpful tips to engage people via "active listening."