up coming events

  • Bowling Night

    Take a study break and join us for a FREE night of fun at the bowling alley!

    Date: Thursday, April 18

    Time:  7-9pm

    Cost:  FREE

    Location:  Floyd Bowling & Amusement Center  ||  Directions


Wednesday nights from 8:28-10:00p

Location: The Warehouse @ West Rome

Who: College Students

Wednesday nights are a place where college students who are far from perfect meet Jesus. We strive to connect our lives and our community with Jesus Christ as we seek to find his plan for our lives

Current Teaching Series:  "Invisible Beauty"

When we think of beauty it is only natural for us to think of the flawless form of a face, the creative brushstrokes of a master painter, or the majesty of a sunset.  While these things can be truly beautiful, they pale in comparison to the invisible beauty of integrity, hope, love and faith.  In much the same way that we can only see the effects of wind and not actually wind itself, the true beauty of a person is invisible to our physical eyes, yet its effect has the power to transform lives.  Join us this month as we explore the story of Esther and the invisible beauty of integrity, hope, love and faith.

Connect  >  Grow  > Thrive

Navigating this crazy thing we call life can be a challenge.  We believe connections formed through community with others is a vital part of our growth as followers of Jesus. This connection provides the support we need to not only survive the challenges that come our way but to thrive in the them.


Sundays @ West Rome

Time:   9am

Location:   the Warehouse @ West Rome

Leaders:   Mark & Kristen Floyd  ::  Topher & Leya Stockton

Tuesdays @ Shorter University

Time:  8pm

Location:   Newman Hall

Leaders:   Rachel Schnelbach  ::  Joshua Winton

Thursdays @ Berry College

Time:  6pm

Location:   Centennial (study room)

Leaders:  Beth Anne Dekeizer  ::  Sarah McDonald  ::  Emma Dusseau

We want to help you connect, so please don't hesitate to click here and email us your questions.